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The leader in the agricultural construction market, BusinessAgroInvest is engaged in the design, development, manufacture and construction of turnkey frameless hangars, which are becoming more and more relevant at the present time. The most basic and important difference of these structures from residential and non-residential structures is the complete absence of frames, supports, walls, roofs and foundations, which allows the construction of hangar structures in the shortest possible time with minimal additional costs.

In the construction of turnkey frameless hangar structures, only galvanized steel is used. The construction of frameless hangars consists of five main stages.

  • Stage one: a plan (plan-design) of the future frameless structure is being developed;
  • Stage two: the main durable panels of the structure are made;
  • Stage three: the process of connecting finished panels for the hangar;
  • Stage four: connection and installation of ready-made sections;

Stage five: the process of installing doors and windows, and carrying out engineering system works.

Frameless agricultural structures are gaining more and more popularity among customers. Below you can see the advantages of these agricultural structures:

  1. Construction time - the structure will be installed in 10-15 days;
  2. Minimum transportation costs, which also minimizes the deformation of the finished product;
  3. Modern construction design;
  4. There is no complete need for care and careful maintenance of the finished structure;
  5. The construction of the facility is carried out in two versions: cold and insulated;
  6. It is possible to change the design and carry out additional installation measures even if the structure was erected; also, the structure can last n number of years.

If you know a lot about construction, then these indicators will not make you hesitate to place an order with BiznesAgroInvest, because then you will have another most important advantage, according to your personal order, the employees of BiznesAgroInvest will be able to adjust the radius of the span of the frameless structure. Then the hangar can be either single-layer or multi-layer. You can save money and time several times more! And at the same time, the quality, durability, economy of the erected structure remains at the highest level.


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