Lightweight steel thin-walled structures

Another area of our companies is construction using the LSTS technology.

Lightweight steel thin-walled frame-type structures or LSTS are used for many purposes, including the construction of houses, shops, supermarkets, outbuildings, warehouses, etc. The technology itself allows the use of much more economical materials to protect such structures from the external and internal environment.

There is a definite plus in the construction of the LSTS - the foundation can be of a light type, which will save up to 40% of funds only on its creation. LSTS is a more progressive approach to the creation of premises than the already receding frame technology for the construction of houses and structures made of wood. So, with the help of LSTS, you can build both a full-fledged building - a house, office, warehouse, and an extension.

The final cost of such a structure is also less in itself due to the use of light materials for interior decoration and insulation. The latter is carried out with polymer lightweight insulation, which ultimately also has a positive effect not only on cost, but also on the total weight of the structure. The final construction will have the appearance that the customer wants, since our company is engaged in the construction of such facilities on a turnkey basis.

The LSTS technology is especially valuable in the construction of private residential buildings - the construction of housing takes half the time and money, therefore LSTS is one of the most progressive and affordable ways to build low-rise buildings in Ukraine.


- high level of reliability - profiles are made of galvanized steel, resistant to corrosion, moreover, they can withstand a fairly large static load on their surface;
- seismic resistance;
- the ability to create with the help of LSTS almost any construction object in shape.

Special equipment with CNC

- almost filigree geometry of the structural parts;
- no shrinkage during construction;
- high level of dynamic strength when exposed to wind load;
- seismic resistance up to 9 points;
- the ability to erect a structure in 6-10 weeks;
- lower final price for construction;
- absence of through-type cracks;
- no risk of freezing through the corners of the LSTS premises.

You can find out more information about the classical technology of LSTS and LSTS with CNC by calling our consultants.