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Frameless hangars at the current pace of development of the agro-technical area are more and more relevant, as they are used as elevators and places for storing equipment, creating conditions for livestock, poultry, etc. "BiznesAgroInvest"is a leading company in the production of turnkey frameless hangars, which is also engaged in step-by-step individual design, development and construction of such structures.

Galvanized steel of different grades is used as the main construction material - the use of different grades of steel is due to the operating conditions of the hangar and the size. The construction of frameless hangars consists of the following processes:

  • development of a plan for the future structure, including the creation of a design plan for the interior;
  • fabrication of steel panel structures according to the plan data;
  • installation process, including joining steel panels to each other in sections;
  • installation of panels into a single structure already directly at the place of the permanent location of the hangar;
  • installation of communications, if necessary.

The main advantage of this kind of structures is the relatively simple and fast construction process, which saves up to 3-6 months of time compared to frame counterparts. The construction of a frameless hangar will take from 10-15 days, not counting the design time. Also, among the advantages of these structures, it is worth highlighting:

  • relatively low costs for the transportation of all materials and components, which avoids deformation of the structure;
  • due to the use of galvanized steel, there is no need for additional constant maintenance of the hangar;
  • it is possible to erect as frameless structures of a warm and cold type;
  • it is possible to carry out additional work to change the appearance of the hangar already at the time of its complete construction;
  • the average service life of such anagar is about 35-50 years.

The individual approach of the BiznesAgroInvest company to the construction of such structures will make it possible to correctly design the building exactly for the needs of the customer.


Construction of frameless hangars in Ukraine!


The leader in the agricultural construction market, BusinessAgroInvest is engaged in the design, development, manufacture and construction of turnkey frameless hangars, which are becoming more and more relevant at the present time.